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The Twitter-Media Connection: A Guide for Beginners

The point of media, in the business standpoint anyway, is to increase a company’s reach. Media platforms could be used to grow your influence and to reach people who might be valuable clients in the future. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, that is the treasure, and the key for access to the good stuff is based on how good your relationship is with the media. And, unfortunately, that is not always something that can be bought in the store.

Serial Complainer Handling 101

There are different type of customers, and you get to meet most, if not all, of them given that you have been in business for a while. One type of customer, however, is the most annoying of all, and they are called “serial complainers” for a reason. No matter what you do, they find something to complain about. And the worst part? They are customers, and you STILL have to deal with their complaints!

Schedule your Tweets... The Right Way

Not much spare time? Looking for social media growth? Want to be active for your Twitter followers despite it all? Try doing some scheduling!

Making More by Paying: Maximizing PPC Ads

Pay per click ads is, in a way, buying site activity. If you have tried writing these ads, the chances are you know how much of a headache this could be. You have to ensure your work is good, as ineffective ads cost money. The ads have to be striking, but the content has to be useful as well so that you get something in return when the ad attracts a visitor. Simply put, excellence is demanded, if not perfection. Making a mistake will cost you quite literally.

Outsourced Social Media Mismanagement

Since most companies have social media pages these days, the employees that handle those pages know how difficult they are to handle. Not only is it time consuming, but to truly have effective social media pages, one must do so much.

What a Mobile Website should NOT be

The fast-paced, on-the-go trend of the times call for mobile access to the world, and that device in your hand does just that. Slowly, computers are becoming obsolete, and soon mobile phones will be the main device used when accessing the web. It might already be, actually.

Happy Team = Good Business: How to make a Happier Workplace

No machine runs well unless well maintained. Check those gears, oil those joints, tighten those bolts, and keep doing that every now and then. A mechanism is most efficient when all of its needs are satisfied, and the same thing is true for your team!