IPs all from different data centres in the US and all from different B classes

What is B-Class SEO IP?
For B-class IP addresses, we need to examine the two leftmost octets., for example, has a B class of 195.11, while has a B class of 195.12.

Whenever the 2 leftmost octets of IP addresses are the same, they are considered to be of the same B class. Otherwise, they are considered to be of different B classes.

Who owns the IP addresses?

Unlike a conventional network of websites, your organic network isn't associated with a single provider but with a number of companies that own and manage the IP addresses of your websites.

Those companies manage the networking aspect of your sites while we support the rest for you for a fraction of the costs.

Who should buy these packages?

These packages offer you the second-best option if you are looking for the highest-quality IPs and most of your clients are from the USA, but A-class IPs are beyond your budget. Using USA IPs can be beneficial for a global visitor base.

However, if the majority of your clients are located outside the United States, you may want to consider our other packages.

What do you get when you order?

You will get a main WHM reseller account where you create different domains and assign different IPs.

Our platform and in the background copies your website content to each data center automatically.

In your package, each IP belongs to a different B-Class.
Where are these IPs located?
The IP addresses are from a variety of data centers across the United States.