AI Powered SEO Hosting Solutions

78 Different A Class IPs.
130+ Different B Class IPs.
600+ Different C Class IPs.
120+ Different Datacenters from All Around the World.
Single WHM/cPanel Panel.
Full SSD Cloud Servers
Instant Setup!

Let's grow your business

SEO Hosting

from 120+ data centers

  • Your PBN hosted across 120+ datacenters
  • Zero footprint & organic SEO hosting
  • 100+ providers manage the IPs
  • A, B and C class IP hosting
  • Automatic replication of cPanel sites to each data center

AI Articles

in 25 languages

  • OpenAI GPT-4
  • Free monthly credit for SmartSEO.AI
  • Unique content for your PBN
  • SmartArticles™
  • API Access
  • AI content spinners


For all domains/Life time

  • Major SEO boost for all your PBN
  • Natural, trusted SSL Certificates
  • Each domain gets a different SSL
  • Free for All your domains on all orders
  • Single click installation

IPv6 SEO Hosting

Dual stack IP and IPv6

  • World first and Only
  • Your sites on IPv6 as big corporations
  • SEO Boosts for your backlinks
  • IPv6 on different /32 /36 /40 prefixes
  • Dual stack SEO IP and SEO IPV6

SEO Hosting Packages

C-Class SEO IPs

$ 1.72 /C-Class IP
  1. Up to 300 C Class IPs
  2. From 120+ Data Centers Across the World
  3. WHM/cPanel Reseller Acct
  4. SSD Cloud Servers

B-Class SEO IPs

$ 2.15 /B-Class IP
  1. Up to 130 B Class IPs
  2. From 120+ Data Centers Across the World
  3. WHM/cPanel Reseller Acct
  4. SSD Cloud Servers

A-Class SEO IPs

$ 2.76 /A-Class IP
  1. Up to 78 A Class IPs
  2. From 120+ Data Centers Across the World
  3. WHM/cPanel Reseller Acct
  4. SSD Cloud Servers

Google IPs

$ 2.59 /C-Class IP
  1. C Class IP Addresses Owned By Google
  2. Inside Google Data-centers
  3. Google DCs in Europe and USA
  4. Up to 40 C class IPs

Most Diverse IPs

True zero footprint seo hosting
  • 78+ Different A class, 130+ Different B Class IPs
  • IPs owned by different companies
  • Your domains scattered across 120+ datacenters
  • Different rDNS, Whois and Registrar NIC
  • IPs from all around the world
  • Your own DNS servers

AI Generated Articles

Powered by SmartSEO.AI
  • Monthly complimentary credits
  • Access to the latest LLM
  • GPT-4 Backend
  • Advanced article generation
  • API Access

Secure Network

DDoS protected servers
  • Actively blocking Wordpress bruteforce attacks
  • Live block of around 20,000 known global attackers
  • NO SMTP port on SEO IPs/Zero SPAM
  • Live monitor of all files against malwares and rootkits

HTTP/2 Support

Supported by Googlebot
  • Backed by Googlebot in 2016
  • Major performance boost
  • Auto switch to HTTP1.1 for old requests
  • Developed originally by Google developers
  • First major HTTP protocol upgrade in 15 years

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