Affiliates Program

Thank you for your interest in Smart SEO Hosting Affiliate Program.

By joining this program, you join a popular and revolutionary SEO Hosting offering with more than ten years of experience.

If you have an SEO or Hosting related client base, our offering can be a valuable service and give your PBN and client base a noticeable SEO boost.

    playlist_add_check We are the first ever web hosting company that offers IPs from different data centres all across the world.
    playlist_add_check Our offering is based on WHM/CPanel, and each one of your clients gets a single reseller account to manage all their sites and IPs, no matter where in the world those IPs originated.
    playlist_add_check Providing IPs from 90+ data centres makes it possible to build and manage a private "blog /static-site" network of highly unrelated websites.
    playlist_add_check We have rented out a network of servers from different C Class in the Google data centre on which our clients can host their cPanel websites at a fraction of the cost.
    playlist_add_check As you may also know we are, again,the only SEO hosting provider that is based on CloudLinux.
    playlist_add_check We provide free email, phone (5 countries) and chat support 24/7.


How much is the commission?

2.5% of the payment.

How do I sign up?

If you're an existing customer, just go to and click on 'Secure Client Login' and then click on 'Affiliates' in the second top menu to get started. If you're not yet an existing customer, click here to get started.

How do I get paid?

We have a minimum payment threshold of $250.00. Once your commission balance exceeds this amount, you can receive payment via Bitcoin or bank transfer.

What is the Commission Delay?

Commission becomes eligible for payment 65 days after the associated order has been placed (this is to give time for chargebacks or payment reversals).

For payments made through paypal the waiting period is 6 months (this is to give time for chargebacks or payment reversals according to new Paypal policy).

What is the promotion rule?

If the referred client uses a promotional code to receive a discount when signing up and you have configured the affiliate to receive a percentage commission, the value of the commission will be reduced. If a fixed amount commission is configured, then they will still receive the full value. For example if a '3 months free' promo is used the affiliate gets the commission based on the first payment amount and then recurring amounts that the product is set to. So the user would get a percentage of zero and therefore zero for the first 3 months.

What is the rule regarding upgrades?

If a referred client upgrades/downgrades their product then commissions the affiliate receives in future will also be adjusted to match the price of the new product. Commission payments already earned will be unaffected. There is no commission paid on the upgrade/downgrade order itself. This does not apply to one-time commissions.

How Should I make withdrawals?

When an affiliate's balance reaches the affiliate payout amount a request withdrawal button appears on the client's affiliate page. Please click on that link and we will process your request.

How does it work?

Send customers to our website ensuring your affiliate ID is specified in the URL e.g. - We use WHMCS for our billing, and WHMCS handles all referrals using cookies. Simple as that. You could put banners on your website, or post your affiliate link on your Facebook and Twitter status for example.

My currency is not USD - can I still take part?

Yes, but please keep in mind all commission tracking and payments are in USD.

What if the purchaser makes several orders?

You'l get commission for each one - so long as the cookie remains on their computer, you'l get the affiliate credit.