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The Anatomy of a Bad Freelance Copywriter

There is a clear divide between good and bad hires, and you have to know which is which before its too late! It will be a waste of time to hire somebody who is bad, then look for a replacement after they have done the damage already.

Your Employees Should be Your Best Brand Ambassadors

All companies, and not just the big ones, require a brand ambassador to further promote the company's products and services. Most would look for the hottest names of the time, such as models, artists, and people of influence in their respective fields. But to let you in on a little secret.

Using Instagram for Your Business

At more than 80 million users, more than 5 million photos uploaded daily, which total to over 4 billion in total, and topped of with an average of almost 600 likes and more than 80 comments per second, Instagram is indeed a heavyweight.

Don't be a Drive-by Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is the new trend these days. You get to be advertised by showing up on another blogger's post, and their followers get to know about your blog.

Are you Rewarding your Best Customers

There are levels when it comes to customers. From customers that try your services once and complain several times more, to those that pretty much have you as a basic necessity. You know it, but how about your loyal customers? It's only right to make them feel special since you make most out of these customers.

A Simple Guide to Building Relationships with Bloggers

Blogging and its influence has never been as big as it is today, and the wise thing to do if you are a business owner is to try to harness the influence that they hold. Even small bloggers have thousands of people following them, and that means thousands of potential customers who will hear about your product if the blogger helps you advertise.

5 Tips for Writing Controversial Blog Posts

Nothing causes more talk than controversy, and that holds true even today in the digital age. Controversy is, at most times, divisive. It is the cause of exchanges of different ideas, causing traffic and activity to increase in a particular profile or post, catching the eyes and screens of more people,