B-Class SEO Hosting

Optimize your website's reach with B-Class SEO Hosting, defined by distinct 2 leftmost octets. Select from our global or US packages to align with your visitors' locations, enhancing user experience.

B-Class Hosting Packages

$ 1.40 /B-Class IP
Global SEO Hosting IPs from 120+ datacenters. A single WHM reseller account manages all the SEO B-class IP addresses.

USA B-Class SEO Hosting Packages

$ 1.40 /B-Class IP
USA SEO Hosting IPs from a large variety of data centres in the US and all from different SEO B class IPs controlled by a single WHM reseller account.

What others say about us

“We switched to their SEO hosting, and we've never looked back.”
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Rene Shuman

Director / Q.V SEO

“Their SEO hosting is the engine behind my business's growth. Unbeatable! ”
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Anthony Velasquez

CFO / BackLinks Pro