The very best SEO IPs out in the wild!

What is C-Class SEO IP?
With respect to C-class IP addresses, we must examine the three leftmost octets of each address.

For instance, has a C class of 195.11.23, while has a C class of 195.11.11.

If the 3 leftmost octets of IPs are the same, they are in the same C-Class; otherwise, they are considered to be from different C classes.

Who owns the IP addresses?
Google owns and manages these IP addresses, which are located in its own data centers. As the only company that provides IP addresses from Google and provides cPanel hosting within these data centers, Smart SEO Hosting is unique in its ability to offer its customers these services.
Who should buy these packages?
These IPs are all hosted and owned by Google. These IPs provide the best ping time to GoogleBot. You should consider this IPs for your most serious websites.
What do you get when you order?

You will get a main WHM reseller account where you create different domains and assign different IPs.

Our platform and in the background copies your website content to each data center automatically.

Each IP address in these packages is from a different C-Class.
Where are these IPs located?
Google's data centers networking team manage and own these IP addresses
What if you are not satisfied?
We provide a full refund if you are unsatisfied with our product within two weeks of purchase.