Updating our job posting guidelines to improve quality of results for job seekers

July 13, 2021

Google Search is committed to providing job seekers with authentic, fresh, and trustworthy content. To better understand our users' perspective, we asked tens of thousands of job seekers around the world to tell us more about their experience when applying to jobs online. Based on this feedback, we were able to identify common themes and make improvements to the quality of our results.

Today we are announcing a new structured data property for job postings that offers a direct apply experience. We define a direct apply experience as a short and straightforward application process that can be completed on your page. This optional property will help Google Search surface your listing for relevant queries and provide users with a better experience.

In addition, we are also announcing a new editorial content policy for job postings. This policy requires that all job listings include certain required fields in order to be eligible for display in Google Search results. By following this policy, you can help ensure that your listings are accurate and useful for users.

You likely offer a direct apply experience if your site meets certain criteria, such as providing a complete application process on your site or allowing users to apply without having to click on additional links or provide user information more than once. Google is working to integrate this information into its search results, though you may not see any effect right away. In the meantime, the company has published a new editorial content policy for job postings on Google Search, which includes guidance around obstructive text and images, excessive and distractive ads, or content that doesn't add any value to the posting. Job listings should also follow basic grammar rules.

The Google Search team has announced a new editorial content policy for job postings that will go into effect on October 1, 2021. The purpose of the policy is to improve the quality of search results and to develop new functionality within the product.

The policy is based on research findings that show that certain aspects of a site can impact job seeker trust. To address these issues, site owners are advised to take measures such as verifying that there are no scammy or spammy job posts on their site, and ensuring a good user experience. For more details, see the Google Search Developer Documentation on Job Posting editorial content policy.

The article offers tips on how to avoid frustrate job seekers with outdated job postings. It is recommended that expired job postings be removed and that the posting date be kept updated. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the information included in the job posting and markup is accurate.

At Google, we work to ensure that the results presented in our search engine are trustworthy and provide a good user experience. We're confident that this goal is shared by all sites that help job seekers find employment. If you have questions or thoughts on this topic, please reach out to us on the Google Search Central Community or on Twitter.

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