Updating Item Classification to Simplify Search Console Reports

June 15, 2022

Google is simplifying the way it classifies pages, items, and issues in Search Console reports. The goal is to help users focus on critical issues that affect their visibility in Search, and to better prioritize their work. This change will be rolled out gradually over the next few months.

Currently, users are confused by the "warning" status when it's applied to a URL or item. In response, Google is grouping the top-level item (a rich result for the rich result reports, a page or URL for the other reports) into two groups: pages or items with critical issues are labeled something like invalid; pages or items without critical issues are labeled something like valid. This new grouping will make it easier to see quickly which issues affect a site's appearance on Google, in order to help prioritize fixes.

You can read more about how this change will affect each of the reports in the Help Center.

Google has announced a change to the way it reports items in Search Console. There will now be three new categories for items: Valid with warnings, Valid, and Invalid. This change will be reflected in the URL Inspection tool when inspecting a particular URL inside Search Console.

The changes will also be reflected in the URL Inspection API, but only after Google completes its rollout of the new system, which is expected to take a few months. During this time, there may be some differences between results shown in the product interface and the API. After the rollout is complete, there will be no new values in the API.

Anyone with questions or concerns can reach out to Google via the Google Search Central Community or on Twitter.

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps you monitor and improve your site's performance on Google Search.

The recent addition of the URL Inspection tool allows you to submit individual URLs from your site for analysis. This tool provides detailed information on the status of your URL, including whether it is indexed by Google and any crawl or indexing errors that have been detected.

You can use the URL Inspection tool to test the impact of changes to your site, such as submitting a new sitemap or robots.txt file, or changing your canonical URL. This tool can also be used to request a re-crawl of your URL if you believe Google has not crawled it recently.

The URL Inspection tool is available now in the new Search Console. We hope you find it useful!

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