The Search Console team has announced new association functionality that will help users better understand how their site is connected to other sites on the web.

February 22, 2021

We're happy to announce that Search Console has an enhanced Association page within the settings menu. Association is a connection between a Search Console property, and some other entity or property in another Google service: for example, between a Search Console property and a Google Analytics account, a YouTube channel, or a Chrome Web Store account.

Any existing associations are automatically carried over to the new Associations page. Read more about how to use associations.

Associating your site with the following Google services can unlock more functionality for your site. Search Console supports the following association types:

-Google Analytics property: View your Search Console data, such as organic search queries, in your Google Analytics property. Starting today, you can also link Search Console domain properties to Google Analytics and get better coverage of your organic search results. We recommend using this option as it can help you get a more complete picture in the Search Console reports in Google Analytics.

The new Associations page in Search Console lets you manage the relationship between your website and other Google products. For example, you can link your site to your Google Ads account, YouTube channel, Play Console app, Actions Console project, and Chrome Web Store account. This allows Google to show your content in more places and helps you get more traffic to your site.

To use the Associations page, simply sign in to Search Console and click on the "Associations" tab. From there, you can add or remove associations as needed. You can also see which associations are currently active and whether they're verified or not.

If you have any questions about using the new Associations page, you can visit the Search Central help forums or contact us through our other help channels. You can also find more information on our Associations help page.

Ziv Hodak and Aviya Goldstein from the Search Console team discuss recent changes to the URL Inspection tool. They explain that the changes are designed to make it easier for users to see the current status of their URLs, including any issues that need to be fixed.

The team goes on to detail how the new URL Inspection tool works. They explain that users can now see a summary of their URL's status, as well as more detailed information about any issues that need to be fixed. The team provides a few examples of common issues that might be flagged by the tool, such as 404 errors or pages that are blocked by robots.txt.

Overall, the team is excited about these changes to the URL Inspection tool and they believe that it will help users keep their website in good shape.

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