Spring cleaning: some sitemap extension tags are being discontinued

May 6, 2022

Over the years, Google has introduced a number of tags and tag attributes specifically for the Image and Video sitemap extensions. However, after evaluating their value, Google has decided to officially deprecate some of these tags and attributes.

This change will take effect on August 6, 2022, at which point the deprecated tags will have no effect on indexing or search features. If you are a sitemap plugin developer or manage your own sitemaps, there is no immediate action required. However, in the future Search Console may show warnings once these updates are included in the next schema versions of the Image and Video sitemap extensions.

The following tags and attributes are affected by changes to Google Images:

Sitemap extensionDeprecated XML tag or attributeRecommendation
Image sitemapcaptionFollow ourimages best practices.

The search engine is continuing to use IPTC metadata for providing licensing data. This is in addition to the video sitemap that is already in place. Following the video best practices will ensure that your videos are properly indexed. The player_loc[@allow_embed] is also an important factor in determining how your videos are indexed.

The text provides a detailed summary of the player location, gallery location, price, and tvshow for the @autoplay feature. The @autoplay feature is a key component of the player's success. By providing a detailed summary of the player's locations, gallery locations, prices, and tvshows, the player can ensure that they are providing their audience with the best possible experience.

The search team has announced plans to simplify sitemap extensions in order to reduce complexity and clutter. The hope is that this will make it easier for webmasters to manage their sitemaps. For more information, webmasters can check out the sitemaps documentation or catch the team on Twitter. Questions and comments can also be posted in the Search Central forums.

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