Searching at Google I/O 2021

May 27, 2021

Google I/O is our annual developer festival, and this year it was all virtual. But as with any events, virtual, or in-person, a lot of information was covered over the three-day event. In case you missed it, here is a list of some Search-related news and announcements that might be of interest to you.

The keynote covered how Google aims to be helpful in moments that matter. Sundar announced a new product development milestone called Multitask Unified Models (MUM), which builds on open, existing AI architectures to solve complex info challenges. MUM is able to cross-train across many languages and tasks to better understand information. Advances in this area will help us better understand queries as well as pages on the web. These changes are not live yet, and you don’t need to make any updates on your website for this. Other Search features that are next on the horizon include Google Lens, AR in Search, and About this Result.

For SEOs and developers, a good place to start is our What's new in Search video. In this talk, you’ll hear about two new schema markups available for video content. Clip markup is now available to any site with videos, and SeekToAction markup is in beta. These markups can enable Google to display key moments for your videos in Search.

During one of the meetups, Google announced [Follow on Chrome Canary in the US](

The Google I/O Adventure event provided several opportunities for SEOs to learn more about modern content creation on the web. There were sessions on the business impact of Core Web Vitals and how to create more immersive storytelling content. In addition, there was a Search area in the Web dome where attendees could network and ask questions.

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