PES@Home 2020: Google's first virtual summit for product experts

November 5, 2020

More than ever, users are relying on Google products to do their jobs, educate their kids, and stay in touch with loved ones. Our Google Product Experts (PEs) play a vital role in supporting these users in community forums, like the Webmaster Help Community, across many languages.

For several years now, we have been inviting our most advanced PEs from around the world to a bi-annual, 3-day PE Summit. These events provide an opportunity not only to share latest product updates with PEs, but also to acknowledge and celebrate their tireless contributions to help our users. As the world was going into lockdown in March, we quickly decided that we don't want to miss out on this annual celebration. So the summit team shifted focus and started planning an all virtual event which came to be called PES@Home.

Screenshot of the PES@Home website

The Webmaster Product Experts community recently held a virtual event on the house-themed platform. Over 120 sessions were held in the "office", where participants had a chance to engage with each other and Googlers. There were also fun activities on the "rooftop", like learning about magic or mixology. The event was a chance for members of the community to reconnect and recharge.

In addition to the general talks, there were also eight product-specific breakout sessions for webmaster PEs with Search product managers and engineers. Topics covered in these sessions included page experience, web stories, crawling, image search, and shopping listings.

The team behind the event was overwhelmed by the turnout and engagement of the webmaster PEs community. To show their appreciation, they presented the "Silver Lining Award" to someone who demonstrates a sense of humor and always emphasizes the positive side of every situation.

Thank you to all the webmaster PEs out there who help make the web a better place!

The Google Product Expert (GPE) Virtual Summit was held on October 13-14, 2020. The event was attended by over 1,000 Google Product Experts from around the world. The summit consisted of keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities.

Some of the topics covered during the summit included:

  • How to become a GPE
  • The benefits of being a GPE
  • The difference between a GPE and a Google Partner
  • The types of product experts (e.g., YouTube, Android, Chrome)
  • How to use the GPE program to grow your career or business
  • The future of the GPE program

Attendees also had the opportunity to network with other GPEs and learn about best practices for product expertise. Overall, the summit was a great opportunity for product experts to learn more about their craft and connect with others in the field.

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