OpenAI Introduces ChatGPT Plus Subscription Plan Starting at $20 Per Month

February 1, 2023

OpenAI has announced the launch of ChatGPT Plus, a premium version of their popular ChatGPT chatbot. This service aims to provide subscribers with a faster response time, priority access to new features and improvements, and access to the chatbot during peak times, all for $20 per month. The service is currently only available in the United States and invites have been sent out to those on the waiting list. OpenAI also emphasize that they will continue to provide free access to ChatGPT, as the subscription model is meant to ensure this remains widely available. As part of their announcement, OpenAI also noted that they will take what they’ve learned during their research preview of ChatGPT and use it to continue improving it. For more information on this new service launch by OpenAI see here.

OpenAI recently launched ChatGPT, a research preview that allows users to draft, edit content, brainstorm ideas, and get programming help. Millions of people have given feedback and OpenAI has implemented several updates in response. Now, OpenAI is expanding the availability of ChatGPT Plus with a waiting list for the ChatGPT API and considering options for less expensive plans for businesses. OpenAI

ChatGPT has been a successful tool for content creation, idea brainstorming, and programming help across a range of professional use-cases. With millions of users giving feedback over the past few months, OpenAI has been able to make improvements to the system as well as expand its availability to more users. The addition of an API waiting list along with less expensive plans and data packs makes it more accessible and improves user experience on the platform.

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