Google Introduces 2 New Ways To Analyze Data In Ads Data Hub

October 31, 2022

Google is launching two new tools - Ads Data Hub for Marketers and Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners - to help users better analyze data.

Ads Data Hub for Marketers is designed to help brands and agencies simplify their data analysis and gain faster access to insights. The tool offers a focus on insights that inform how brands and agencies purchase media.

An example of how Ads Data Hub for Marketers can be used is provided by Riot Games, developers of the PC game League of Legends. Riot Games uses Ads Data Hub to analyze its marketing efforts.

Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners is designed to help measurement partners conduct third-party assessments of metrics such as video viewability and audience reach.

Both tools are now available to users.

Riot Games attributed credit to various ad touch points, accurately measured return on ad spend (ROAS), and established a new benchmark showing that for every $1 Riot Games spent on Google media, it received $2 in revenue, thanks to Google's Ads Data Hub. The Ads Data Hub lets marketers centralize their insights and combine them with Display & Video 360 and Campaign Manager 360 data. As marketers use the simplified version of Ads Data Hub and accumulate new query templates and workflows, Google suggests there will be less need for additional technical resources. In future updates, marketers will be able to activate audience segments on new inventory, including YouTube. The version of Ads Data Hub designed for measurement partners makes it easier to offer accurate and near real-time insights.

Google has announced that it is expanding its measurement services on Ads Data Hub to enable cross-media solutions for YouTube. This will make it possible to analyze the performance of YouTube campaigns relative to other media channels.

This expansion of Ads Data Hub's measurement capabilities comes as part of Google's larger effort to help marketers better understand and optimize their YouTube ad campaigns. As part of this effort, Google has also launched a new service that allows marketers to work with independent third-party partners to calculate and report YouTube ad performance across devices, formats, and metrics.

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