Exploring the Visual Elements of Google Search

December 13, 2022

When looking for a particular book in a library, it can be difficult to identify the exact one you are looking for amongst the 129,864,880 available titles (http://booksearch.blogspot.com/2010/08/books-of-world-stand-up-and-be-counted.html){rel="nofollow"}. The same problem can arise when trying to talk about certain search features or UI elements of a Google Search results page. To help address this issue, Google has developed a system to identify and distinguish between the varying elements that appear on search result pages (illustrated in an image of Googlebot painting a search result and adding annotations for visual elements: /static/search/blog/images/googlebot-paints-visual-elements.png). This is intended to make it easier for users to find and understand the specific element they are searching for. The Google Search team has just released the Visual Elements Gallery, designed to help users identify the most common and impactful visual elements of a search results page. The Visual Elements Gallery contains 22 relevant visual elements for site owners and SEOs, including Attribution, Text Results and more. Attribution helps people quickly identify the source behind a search result with visual identifiers like the name of the site, URL and favicon. Text results have been around since 1995 when Google was originally named Backrub, and are based on the textual content of indexed pages.

Search Central has introduced a Visual Elements Gallery to help users and site owners understand the various visual elements that appear in Google search results. This guide is available in 18 languages and includes detailed illustrations of two main types of visual elements: video and image results, and exploration features. The former, historically known as "image and video universal results", are based on the respective media indexed in the context of their respective landing pages (Video and Image Results). The latter, commonly known as "People Also Ask", help users broaden their search journeys (Exploration Features. Going forward, Search Central plans to add new visual elements to the gallery when they become popular on search result pages. However, they will only add those elements that have significance for site owners and SEOs.

Google has recently unveiled a brand new "Search Results Elements Gallery" to make learning and discussion about search engine results page elements more accessible. If users have any queries or comments about these elements, they can leave a comment on Twitter or in the Search Central Help forums. The user-friendly design of the gallery also features a button that allows users to send feedback directly from the documentation page itself using the “Send Feedback” button.

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