Discover What's New at Search Central Live 2022

December 16, 2022

The Google Search Central team has been busy and excited to host the Search Central Live (formerly known as Webmaster Conference) events around the world, with recent events in Singapore and Tel Aviv. This event series is designed to bring Search talks to locations in various languages and provide a venue for meeting with the Search team, other Google teams, industry experts, and members of the Search and SEO community.

At these events, audience members are encouraged to ask questions about features or issues related to Search Console, crawling for big sitesor getting pages indexed quickly, or Javascript SEO. The feedback gathered from these questions is used by the Google team to improve documentation and create new content based on what people are struggling with.The Google Search Console team hosted a panel discussion at two different locations, Tel Aviv and Singapore. At each location, they had close to 20 engineers in the room taking notes and answering questions from attendees. Post-event surveys and social media posts showed a very high satisfaction rate, suggesting that people enjoyed themselves. An example of this is Fur's tweet: Fur's tweet. These events give an opportunity for Google's coworkers to hear feedback directly from users and learn more about how they use their products as well as what challenges they face.

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