A new way to enable key video moments in Search

July 19, 2021

Since first launched in 2019, Google has continued to expand and improve the feature. The company has evolved the design and brought key moments to more videos, including mobile and desktop versions, across all regions where Google Search is available. Key moments are helping more people connect directly with the most relevant segments of videos, and navigate them like chapters in a book.

Today, Google is launching a new way for you to enable key moments for videos on your site, without the effort of manually labeling each segment. All you have to do is tell Google the URL pattern for skipping to a specific timestamp within your video. Google will then use AI to identify key moments in the video, and display links directly to those moments in Search results.

If you prefer to manually label key moments in your videos, you can continue to use [Clip markup]. You can also opt out of the key moments feature by using the [nosnippet meta tag].

Google has announced that it is moving the SeekToAction feature out of beta and supporting it for any site with videos. SeekToAction allows Google to automatically identify key moments in a video.

In order to use SeekToAction, your URLs must have the ability to deep link into some point other than the start point in the video. For example, http://www.example.com/example?t=30 starts 30 seconds into a video.

You can find more information about using SeekToAction in our documentation, including a detailed example.

In order to automatically identify key moments in videos for Google Search, video content files must be [fetchable]. This only applies to videos that are embedded on one's own site; for videos posted on third-party platforms, the site owner must check to see if SeekToAction markup is supported. The goal of this markup is to make it easier and more efficient to enable key moments and help people engage more deeply with your videos. If you have questions, you can post them in the forum

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