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How to Avoid Google Deindexing Guide

The Website Content

Use original content

Do not use Free automatic content spinners

Do not provide more than 2 outside links per post

Make sure your posts have at least 200 words

Avoid linking to spam or illegal sites

Avoid contents that read like paid advertisement

Do not use wordpress default theme

Always keep the value of your domain in mind

PBN Technical Footprints

Do not host all your domains on the same IP

Do not host on the same C class

Avoid SEO Hosting providers that provide only different C class IPs.

Avoid SEO Hosting that provide unlimited addon domains

Scattered your domains across many different data centers

Scatter your domains all over the world

Avoid too many similar rDNS results

Unless by a large provider avoid IPs that are owned by 1 company

Use vanity DNS servers

Make sure your hostmaster email is the same as your domain

Avoid cheap providers

If you do not have that many domains go with A class or B class IPs

Avoid dedicated IPs

Avoid IPs that have been used for email spamming and use providers that do not let SMTP on their SEO IPs

Preventing Manual Actions