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How to Adjust Bandwidth Quotas in WHM?

Henry Blake
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Henry Blake

This guide does not apply to Seo Hosting clients. To increase the bandwidth of any of your domains simply follow these instructions:

I get a "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" error on one of my cpanel domains what should I do?

The bandwidth quota is the total amount of traffic to and from the server allowed every month for the account.

The bandwidth quota is usually set in a package that is assigned to the account when the account is created. Upgrading or downgrading the account to another package that has a different bandwidth quota set will adjust the bandwidth quota automatically without having to go through the steps covered in this tutorial.

To manually change the bandwidth quota of an account:

  1. In the Account Functions section, click on Limit Bandwidth Usage.
  2. Select the domain or the user of the account.
  3. Click the Limit button.
  4. Enter the new value (in megabytes).
  5. Click the Change button.
  On reseller accounts, monthly bandwidth are strictly enforced as to not allow "overselling."  This means that the sum of the quotas for monthly bandwidth usage allocated for all accounts cannot exceed the overall monthly bandwidth quota assigned to the reseller according to the reseller package selected by the reseller.

This will only override the default setting for the bandwidth quota in this package for this account.  If the change is meant to be temporary, simply re-assign the package to the account using the Upgrade/Downgrade an Account option to revert the bandwidth quota back to the original setting in the package.