May 18, 2019
seo google

It would not be fallacious for anyone to posit that the majority consider Google a necessary evil. Usually, the colossal search engine is virtually everyone’s go-to hero concerning online flux. But, it has been too dynamic for comfort over the years, and frustrating search engine optimization.

The last straw for SEO professionals is the recent releases of the Panda and Penguin updates, which have seen their former business techniques rendered ineffective, and more often than not, harmful, which leaves most of us clueless as to a way forward.

However, Google has given us a little gift, a remedy of some sort to the tough times. This write up is brought together to make you realize the importance of this present, and how you can maximize its advantages.

Deficient Hyperlink- The Problem.

Majority of sites, including yours, may have been affected by Google’s release of an algorithm update this April. Hyperlinks of substandard quality began to face punishments from this Penguin update. It is highly likely you have a link that redirects back to you on the long run from sites Google has recently touted to be home to junk e-mails, if of course, you used to one who imbibed the policy of accruing as many links as possible. The unfortunate end product is a downward rank-shifting on the rank scale.

The inevitable reality came to the notice of SEO professionals – these substandard, circumlocutory links needed to be flushed out. As it would be near impossible for you to dig up all your previous links to be removed after uncountable hours of developing new ones, the attempts were sadly abortive. The only way is to communicate with link hosts, imploring, or in a worst case scenario, make threats for them to take it down. As you would predict, chances of obtaining a desirable result here barely existed. The question was always what incentive exactly would spur a link host to go the extra mile to take down your links?

Then came the stroke of compensation from Google for the complaints, which happens to be; the Disavow Links Tool.

What You Should Know.

The Google Disavow Links Tool provides an avenue for link hosts to point out to Google the deficient links on their sites, and Google basically stops recognizing them as their links. It’s that easy! However, there are some things you need to pay attention to:

Get your research done – Google’s warning as regards this new tools are as clear as day; if you don’t do your homework on your links, you might end up taking down good links along with, or even instead of the bad links. This definitely will have adverse effects on your site, and is best prevented.

Restrict access – The biggest mistake you might make is allowing power be wielded by the wrong person. It’s best for you to restrict access to this tool to only your most trusted individuals, as we wouldn’t want someone to access your site and go on a disavowing spree.

Bing came first – Bing launched their own tool before Google did, and they shouldn’t be particularly overlooked either. _ If you’ve started using Google’s Disavow Links Tool, how has the experience been so far? I’m really interested in your story. Tell me through the replies section.