January 7, 2019
blogging marketing

There is only one secret to effective business blogging. This secret isn’t farfetched; it is consistency and research. This way you can create quality content for your blog. Most bloggers even make use of a schedule to plan their posts.

This is beautiful as a constant flow of content will lead to:

  • Likelihood of getting ranked higher in search engines.
  • Growth in readership and subscribers.
  • This will also get you noticed. The more you put out quality posts, the higher your chances of getting to new audiences.

But like every other schedule we draw, this is easier when put on paper. If you choose to blog weekly, or daily; there will be days where you simply stare into the computer for a number of reasons. You are out of ideas. You are suffering from a seemingly incurable writer’s block. Good news is you aren’t alone. There are thousands of bloggers out there who are just as confused as you are. But that doesn’t mean you are completely out of touch. I’ll share a few ideas on how you can get started all over again, and be the best in your blogging niche.

Your products:

If your blog is for a certain product, you must have mentioned everything that needs to be known over and over again. And your readers might also be tired of hearing them. Your readers don’t want to know more about the features. Here’s an idea: how about you tell them several ways your product can impact them positively?

Are there health benefits your products offer? Tell them all about it. Break it into three to four blog posts. Make it a series. It could be something like “The Top 5 Benefits of this Product”.

Do something outside the box:

You probably hear this everyone. But what does it mean? It entails you doing something you wouldn’t have done in the first place. Entails coming up with a new, brilliant idea. It doesn’t have to be about your business all the time. Take the step of writing about something closely or loosely related to your blog. Offer comments on closely related subjects.

For instance, I worked for a company who sells protective lenses for medical practitioners. This company deals in only eyewear. The blog of the company naturally has doctors and dentists as readers, but to boost readership, they can choose to write about things that doctors and dentists might want to read. Something not related to protective lenses. If there are new medical gears, you can write about it!

Just ask:

Sometimes, the next post isn’t in your head. You have to ask your readers or even friends for ideas. Ask them about their interests. Do they have questions for you? This way, you can also get the chance to have a guest blogger write something on your website.

Are you filled with ideas? Tell us about it in the comments’ section!