March 21, 2019
seo marketing backlinks

For years, I have written on the benefits of guest blogging. These benefits include:

  • Better leads generation
  • You can build links back to your website for stronger search engine rankings.
  • Awareness for your brand also increases
  • It places you as an expert on a subject
  • Builds readership on your personal blog
  • Increases the traffic to your own website.

With these benefits comes a number of others, guest blogging can be termed “hot cake” when it comes to SEO marketing and blogging. However, to gain effectively from guest blogging, it is important that you have a strategy. Also, to be able to create a good strategy, it is important that you know what you want from the opportunity.

You do not have start submitting to various blogs and suddenly expect results. This invariably means you lack direction and effective planning; sadly, this means your efforts in guest blogging will not yield the required results.

Take for instance, you have decided to go into guest blogging because you want to improve your site’s search engine rankings through the use of link building. Now that your goal has been set in stone, you will find out you now understand what you want from guest blogging. This will make you understand that you have to get your works published on trusted websites. If you make use of bad links, this has the capability to ruin your link’s profile. Also, this implies that you would need to get guest posts published on different blogs; this helps to mix up your back link sources. The importance of keywords cannot be overemphasized. You would need to target some keywords, and pages in your link’s. This creates a defined path for your guest blogging.

It is also possible that you are interested in raising awareness for your brand. There are certain factors to consider: who is your target audience? What blogs are they usually found on? What topics are they interested in? When you find out the answers to these simple questions, you do not run the risk writing for blogs who do not have your target audience.

Guest blogging is very easy. It simply requires planning and effective research!