The Unlikely Likeness of Copywriting and Pop Music

April 17, 2020

There is very little in common between copywriters and musicians, especially those doing pop. Still, like every rule out there, there are exceptions. There are a few things copywriters can learn from pop music, and some are listed below.

  1. Give them a big hook - Not the deadly Mike Tyson punch, but the song verse that bugs you for days by playing nonstop in your head day and night. Just like these verses, try to make a pitch that is so memorable, that every reader would unconsciously think about the products all day. That should suggest your product to the reader for the entire day without you having to remind them.
  2. No need to go big - Keep your vocabulary common and simple. Too much flashiness and flair will drive readers away. Make your work memorable, but keep it at a level that will be understandable to most readers. Avoid jargons, and try to be creative using wit instead.
  3. Establish a connection - Just like art, relatable content that makes the readers feel something is, by definition, effective. The only difference is the feelings involved in copywriting is much less of heartbreak and struggle, but more of sympathy and relief. You should pitch by making your readers feel like you are the answer to their problems. After all, customers love being understood and attended to.

Do you notice any more common ground between copywriting and pop music? Drop a comment and discuss it with us!