The Anatomy of a Bad Freelance Copywriter

There is a clear divide between good and bad hires, and you have to know which is which before its too late! It will be a waste of time to hire somebody who is bad, then look for a replacement after they have done the damage already. Not to mention, there would be trust issues in place, especially if you’re hiring freelancers.

In the field of copywriting, most specifically freelance copywriting, there are some flags that you have to take note of. These flags will make hiring easier, and it also increases your chances of getting a new quality employee. Keep our senses on high alert, and you should spot these from a mile away.

Reg Flag #1: No Previous Work to Showcase

Again, trust issues are there. To be able to better trust the candidate for the job, ask them for their portfolio. A good, experienced freelancer should be able to provide at least a few samples to show you the quality of their previous work. Check if they are actually capable of the job by making an assessment of their writing skill. What should you do if the applicant has no samples to show you? Well, you better consider other candidates first before the newbie.

Red Flag #2: No Positive Testimonials or Reviews

Working in freelance usually requires testimonials and review from successful jobs. This is the quickest way to let your future employers know that the quality of work that you do is good, and that you have the capability to satisfy. The lack of testimonials from previous employers is not a good sign, as it signifies either lack of experience, or unsatisfactory work history.

Red Flag #3: Slow Email Response

Lets admit it. Slow workers are unwanted. Slow responses to emails is a sign that the freelancer might have poor work ethic. You need a copywriter who is alert and easy to contact, since you might need work to be done straight away. Constantly having to spend a lot of time trying to reach a freelancer is definitely not worth it, even if you live in different time zones.

Red Flag #4: Rate Bids are Too Low

There is more to a good deal than low prices, and the same goes for freelancer copywriters. Good employees are not necessarily inexpensive, as good employees really do tend to charge more. As you weigh your options, try to remember that its better to pay a slightly higher rate for good work, compared to paying for bad work which would require you to pay more to have the damage fixed.

Have you ever had a bad freelance in your company before? Let us know the red flags you encounter in the comments below.