Seo hosting for a better search: How do websites affect companies and what hosting can I use to improve my search?

July 18, 2020
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Not all websites are born equal, some have a greater impact on companies than others.

To understand how important it is to have a well-developed website as an asset for your business and how important it is to choose the right hosting service, let's take a look at three companies that were affected by the quality of their website.

The first company we will talk about is WestJet, an airline with headquarters in Calgary, Canada. Before its website was redesigned, its services were not easy to use and the navigation of the pages was not intuitive. This created customer frustration when making reservations online or checking in through WestJet apps.

The company's turnover fell 60 percent after redesigning its webpage and integrating new services such as online boarding passes and updates on flight status through text messages and email notifications. Once this step was taken, WestJet improved its position from number 13 to number 7 among airlines worldwide in terms of customer satisfaction between 2012 and 2013 according to J.D Power & Associates Consultants Incorporated (a worldwide consumer consulting agency).

The second example we're going to talk about is that of Reed Jobs, one of the largest employment websites in Europe with more than 400 offices around the world and more than 550 job categories available for people looking for employment opportunities. Before this company implemented changes that would improve its search engine results positioning (SEO), Reed Jobs did not appear among the first 10 results when people were searching for jobs related sites like "jobs" or "employment" on Google or Yahoo!

After implementing proper SEO strategies they managed to be ranked among the first 5 sites within just six months thanks mainly due to proper link building strategies that increased their authority online amongst search engines such as Google. With these changes they managed to get 1 million new visitors that had never visited their site before who generated up to 40 million page views

Different Types of SEO Hosting

There are two major types of SEO hosting. The first is traditional seo hosting, which focuses on providing multiple IP addresses from the same data center. This means that your website will get indexed faster and rank better in Google, as it's likely to be hosted on a server nearby to your target audience.

The other type of seo hosting is called smart seo hosting, which focuses on having an extensive network of IPs located all around the world. This improves search engine visibility and makes it easier for you to reach those who aren't based near you but still want your products or services.

How You Can Choose the Right Type of SEO Hosting for Your Business

Choosing the right hosting company is important because it can affect your search engine rankings. To get the best results, you need to select a reputable hosting company that offers SEO hosting. A good option is one that has been around for some time and has built up a reputation for providing quality services.

It's also important to choose a fast web host. Speed matters when it comes to driving traffic through search engines like Google and Bing, so you want your website hosted on servers that are located close to major data centers (the places where information is stored).

When selecting hosts, look for ones with an IP address from multiple data centers; this will increase the availability of your site in case something happens at one location but not another one nearby. Many providers offer dedicated IP addresses as part of their plans; if so check out how many are available per account before deciding which package suits best needs budget constraints


When it comes to SEO hosting, it is important to find the right type of hosting for your business. Each type has its own benefits, but it is best to choose one that will work well with your business model and budget. If you are still unsure about what kind of SEO hosting is right for you, consider contacting a professional who can help you make an informed decision.