Schedule your Tweets... The Right Way

Not much spare time? Looking for social media growth? Want to be active for your Twitter followers despite it all? Try doing some scheduling!

To consistently have twitter activity, you have to release new content every now and then. But since you might not have that much spare time to be in Twitter all day, you could try scheduling your tweets. This is not only time-conscious, but this is also strategic. Follow these tips to streamline your Twitter activity.

  1. Evergreen tweets - When you say evergreen content, it means tweets that will remain relevant and in trend, at least for a while. Schedule evergreen tweets such as advice, tips, and even helpful links to your website or blog regarding a particular topic.
  2. Proper spacing - For you to seem active, your scheduled tweets are best released on a regular basis, instead of one blast. This is to appear visible in your followers Twitter feeds regularly, thus making you more memorable.
  3. Response and engagement - Engagement is crucial, especially since an automated twitter account sometimes comes off as annoying because it seems unnatural. Turn on email or mobile notifications for any engagement to your tweets so you could respond to them in time.
  4. Regular interactions - As stated on tip #3, interacting with your followers is crucial. It is true that this is time consuming, but its definitely worth it. Interactions with your followers makes them feel like your company gives them importance. Do a little bit of replying, retweeting, and maybe some messaging, too.
  5. Stay in the now - Old and irrelevant content is boring. Stay updated in current events and tweet accordingly. Keep it light, and keep it recent. People love tweets about what is happening about you at the moment.

Are your tweets scheduled? How do you do it? Share your own tips with us!