Put the Business on the Maps!

July 8, 2013

If you have a business (and I don’t mean on line business), you may want to consider opening up a Google+ account for said business. Why? It’s because Google has finally enabled those pages with Google+ to be connected to local business listing in Google Maps.

On their help page, Google has prepared detailed instructions on how to connect your Google+ business page to your Google Maps verified listing. This step shall connect your current page to Google Maps. Everything else will follow, like the address, reviews and business hours. Other features of your page will not be compromised. Posts, followers and managers of your page will stay the same.

However, if you are one of those people who have several Google+ pages for one business, you can choose to combine them.

Just follow these simple steps.

1. Log in to Google+

2. From the left-hand navigation ribbon, select Pages

3. Click Manage this on the local page

4. You will see that the local page will look just like your current page. If you hover the page, you will see “Verified local business”.

5. Choose Dashboard and then Click on Settings

6. Find the “Profile” section

7. You will then find “This Page is connected to Google Maps”, next to it, click “Connect a different page”

8. In the dialog that says “Link a different page to this location”, pick the page that you’d like to connect to Maps and click Next.

9. Once you have reviewed the changes to the newly-created page. Click “Confirm”

What will happen to the Page that’s newly connected to Maps?

1. It will display the following: name and verification badge, business information (hours, phone number, etc.) and reviews from the former local page; however it will not display prior owner responses to local reviews. If your existing reviews do not show up right away, don’t panic. It really takes a few hours before they will be displayed.

2. It will carry over followers, posts, and managers. As well as the custom URL (if you’ve set one up).

3. It will also possibly remove ad campaigns associated with the page. Don’t worry, you can always start a new campaign.

What will happen to the former local page?

1. It will still be visible on Google+, and will still have the custom URL, followers, posts, and managers from the former local page.

2. It will be renamed “Backup of Page Name”

3. However, it will no longer display on Google Maps.

4. It will also not show local business information or reviews.

5. It will no loner display AdWords Express campaigns associated with the page.

This step taken by Google is created to help business owners. It’s still on the process of consolidating data and further revisions may be made. If ever you are trying to connect your page to Google Maps and discover any problems, it is best to contact Google. By doing that, we re helping them improve the services they are providing us.