Making More by Paying: Maximizing PPC Ads

Pay per click ads is, in a way, buying site activity. If you have tried writing these ads, the chances are you know how much of a headache this could be. You have to ensure your work is good, as ineffective ads cost money. The ads have to be striking, but the content has to be useful as well so that you get something in return when the ad attracts a visitor. Simply put, excellence is demanded, if not perfection. Making a mistake will cost you quite literally.

Below is a guide containing tips on how to make more effective PPC ads. If you want to, you could also share some of your own in the comments section.

  • Keywords are a must - Your target keywords should be found not only on the body, but on the headline as well. The keywords on the headline will give the visitor an idea that your ad is what they are looking for. Once the headline seems relevant, they will continue reading the body. Google also helps because the keywords will pop up when searched and will catch more eyes and clicks.
  • Headlines are more than keywords - The tip above tells you to include keywords in the headline, but not to make them headlines. Make your headlines more compelling by finding a way to phrase it in a more interesting manner. It has to have a hook that will make the reader curious enough to click on the ad. This cannot be done by keywords alone.
  • Have a benefit to focus on - As any effective ad, yours has to be focused on providing a solution that your customers need. Think of a problem that your product or service can fix, and use it as your selling point as you build your ad.
  • Address a single issue - Maybe you have a wide variety of services. Maybe you can solve many problems. Despite this, you should remember that the ad cannot tell too much since it is only limited to a few lines. Pick a single issue to focus on and put on the ad to avoid confusing viewers regarding what the ad is about.
  • Have a call to action - If you watch television shopping shows, there is always the big text that says, “CALL NOW!” This gives your customers direction, and a sense of urgency as well. It would help if you give a special deal for those who sign up or contact you soon. Make sure to add contact details on your ad, of course.
  • Explore variations - The internet has a wide variety of people, and not everyone likes their ads the same way. Try finding the ideal style of ads for your target audience by making some changes in your ad’s phrasing, tone, and overall style. Give it some time and use the ad style that gets the most clicks.

Hope this all helps! If you have more to add, just share your thoughts on the comments below.