How to make sure you hire the Right Ghost Blogger

Perhaps you have a number of powerful ideas for your blog but do not have the time to settle and write, or even keep up with the problem of managing; does this mean you will close your blog and forget your idea? No! This is where a ghost blogger comes into the picture.

A ghost blogger gives you the chance you need to increase your brand awareness, engage with your target audience, grow and generate leads, drive sales and traffic to your website. A ghost blogger is someone who will write and publish posts on your behalf, but however maintain your name as the owner of the idea and post.

There are several debates against the use of ghost bloggers. It has been termed unprofessional, inauthentic, deceptive and all sorts. But this does not defy the fact that it is a brilliant business idea for website owners and bloggers. Today, companies are hiring these ghost bloggers to help them write great contents and push profit.

I am here to make sure you choose the right ghost blogger for your website or blog. However, how is that possible? Here are a few tips to get started with:

Go for gold:

Every day I encounter people who are willing to hire the cheapest writers they can find. They are more concerned about the cost than the quality. When you are cheap while looking for a freelance ghost blogger, you aren’t going to find the best in the game. You might end up with a blogger who does not even have a standard grasp of English language. However, when you go for gold, that is good ghost bloggers with higher rates, you will get the best for your blog or

Talk and explain before the job gets started:

Remember that your ghost blogger will be posting his intellectual topics under your name. Be sure he or she fully understands for this means for you and your brand. It is also important that he knows your brand well enough to be able to craft something that fits.

Ask for samples:

How else will you know how good a writer is if you don’t ask for samples? Ask for old works. Check mistakes. Crosscheck for plagiarism. Every good blogger should have something to show you.

Hire someone you can easily communicate with:

In every business relationship, communication is key. Find yourself a Ghost blogger who would not disappear when the time for work starts. Hire someone you can reach anytime in case of emergencies. It is important that you can call or email your ghosts and they wouldn’t feel offended. This way, it becomes easy for you to work with them.