Happy Team = Good Business: How to make a Happier Workplace

No machine runs well unless well maintained. Check those gears, oil those joints, tighten those bolts, and keep doing that every now and then. A mechanism is most efficient when all of its needs are satisfied, and the same thing is true for your team!

Usually, jobs cause us all stress. Unhappy employees are unmotivated and slow, which will affect efficiency, in turn making your job more frustrating as a boss. On the other hand, a happy employee will do wonders for the company. Happy employees make work so much easier for everyone, be it by better and faster work, or simply by lightening up the general vibe of the room with those sweet smiles. Then again, you find yourself asking one thing: How? Try these!

  1. Leave some space for growth - These days, people look for growth, not just pay. People will tend to look for a chance to go up in ranks and look for a job that would give them satisfaction. Give them some space to grow and give them something to look forward to and to strive for. This should give them a sense of purpose, instead a feeling of being caged in.
  2. Let them have a life - Even workaholics have a life after their shifts. A good balance of work and play gives people the rest they need, and they will work best when rested. They should not feel like they are chained to work. Give them some respect when they need to take those personal days.
  3. Recognize what they do - As the saying goes, a simple thank you goes a long way. And it actually does! Tell your employees that the job they do is not in vain, and is being appreciated and noticed. Reward good work and provide incentives so that your employees will feel appreciated.
  4. Provide a listening ear - Communicate with your employees to give them a say in things that concern them. As their leader, it is your responsibility to tend to concerns by your followers. If they feel like you listen and that you are willing to provide help regarding their needs, you can avoid problems in the workplace.
  5. Give your employees options - Simply put, some schedules just don’t work for everybody. Flexible working hours might help. If the work they have to be done is not that time sensitive, you might want to consider giving your employees the work hours that work for them best. As long as they finish their jobs on time, of course.

To stay true to number 4, please tell us how to better keep employees happy. Comment down below!