Email Newsletters, Subscriptions, and Good Business

Who knew that email newsletters could be relationship-building tools, right? A well made newsletter could start a conversation with clients and customers alike, and could be used in your business’ marketing strategy. With these emails, you could promote your services, increase website activity, and establish connections with important people.

Your email’s effect, however, is limited only by the number of subscribers you have. Try these tricks to increase email subscription signups on your website.

  • Pick a good spot for your signup form - Make sure the signup form is easy to locate. If you want to find out which spot would work best, try shifting it a few times around your website until you find where it gets the most attention and subscriptions.
  • Let customers know about the newsletter benefits - Most times, these newsletters are considered nuisances. To attract signups, sell it to your customers well. Make it a point to tell them what they are in for when subscribed to the email newsletter. Usually, the perks are exclusive or advanced deals that are available with a link given to subscribers.
  • Display old newsletters - Old newsletters would give them a sneak peek or what they would be subscribing to. This adds to the attractiveness of the deal since your subscribers will not feel like they are signing up for something unknown.
  • Give a privacy guarantee - Due to the multitude of privacy crimes being committed these days, you can’t blame people for being cautious. Give them some reassurance that their data would be safe and that you will not be giving away any data they provide. This should help with the trust issues that they have.
  • Make a user-friendly signup form - Make it short and simple. Ask for only a few details that are necessary, such as the subscriber’s email address, and maybe their name so that you could address them properly in the newsletter. Most people do not have the patience to fill up long forms, and that is reason enough to avoid asking for too much information.

What makes you want to subscribe to email newsletters? Help us all improve by sharing some tips below.