Don't be a Drive-by Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is the new trend these days. You get to be advertised by showing up on another blogger's post, and their followers get to know about your blog. Collaborations like these make help increase your influence and reach, and in turn that would open up more opportunities for you.

But have you ever wondered, "What happens after I guest on this blog?" Well, for one, you do NOT do a drive-by. Drive-by guest blogging doesn't involve bullets, but is very well capable of punching holes in your reputation as a blogger. You are still expected to do a few things after you do a guesting, and that is basically just blogging etiquette.

So what are your responsibilities after that guesting? Here are a few things to check if you have done guest blogging correctly.

  • Do some promotion on your part – For the sake of the host blogger just as much as your own, the blog post should have as much activity as possible. Do your part in promoting the post by sharing it on all of your platforms. This also builds better rapport between you and the host.
  • Engage in the comments section – Besides seeing you in the blog post, responding to comments is another way to get noticed by potential followers. Let your presence be felt by replying to comments and by answering questions for you on the comments section.
  • Be grateful – When you get a change to be a guest blogger, let the host know that you appreciate the opportunity. Tell them thanks. Something that simple can do wonders.
  • Keep in touch – Do not cut ties with the host. After all, a host-guest relationship is still a relationship. Keeping relationships healthy will pay off in the long run, and you might get more guesting opportunities in the future.

Are there other guest blogging etiquette pointers you could share with us? Let us know by giving a comment!