Business Blog Killers

April 13, 2020
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I am pretty sure that you are familiar with blogs, but how come you don’t spot a lot of business blogs out there? This is because 4 out of 5 blogs crash down. And this is before even reaching 5 posts! A staggering 80% failure rate is what business blogs face, according to IBM.

Lets explore why these failures happen, and lets learn from these reasons. Hopefully, these can help you get to more than 5 posts.

Reason #1: Lack of Commitment

Personal blogs are a lot of work, but business blogs are at another level. This is because you have to stay active, not only in creating creative posts, but also in maintaining the blogs. That means engaging in comments, answering inquiries, taking care of promotions, and also thinking about what else to put up in the future. Most people are unprepared for this, and since they are not ready for the workload, they are unable to commit. Not too long after, the blog fails.

Reason #2: No more Fresh content

Blogs are supposed to be interesting. If it no longer is, then it’s existence defeats the purpose. Posts have to be interesting, and it also has to be unique. That is where the problem arises. There are tons of blogs out there, and almost for every idea and topic, too. You have to be different somehow, and if you no longer have any fresh ideas, the blog will die down due to inactivity.

Reason #3: Ideas have run dry

Much like any writer, bloggers also run out of ideas. Unfortunately, unlike writers who can delay their work until they get a new idea, bloggers have to consistently come up with new stuff, and that is because when a blogger takes too long to get a new post out, people will look for content somwhere else. If a blogger hits a block, that pretty much does it for them.

Reason #4: Nonstrategic Blogging

Topic? Check. Commitment? Check. Ideas? Check.

What’s the plan?

Bloggers fail in planning their blog by not having the proper target audience, lack of promotion, or sometimes even bad post timing. You have to be careful, and you have to learn how to read the trends. You might want to plan everything well so that your blog grows until it can survive by itself with little supervision.

Reason #5: Impatience

Look. Not everyone is a celebrity, and you don’t have to have thousands of readers and followers daily. Like most starts, yours would most likely be slow. Give your blog some time, and keep going consistently and patiently. Basically, your blog has the potential to get big, but only if you stick to it and take care of it.

How did you find blogging success? Tell us your story in the comments below!