Blockbuster Press Releases and How they're Made

To some, press releases might seem like a thing of the past, but this tool could still be a key role player in a company’s public relations strategy. The game is about getting noticed, and a good press release would do the trick. Use it correctly and it might land a ticket to some media coverage.

There is still a catch, though. The press releases that you do have to be done well, or else it could do damage instead of good. Looking back at failed press releases, the mistakes are almost the same. Most of them are irrelevant, uninteresting, or just downright yawn-inducing.

Do you want to know how to make a hit press release? Get noticed by trying these pointers.

  • Get creative - Instead of trying to be one with the crowd, try your best to make a press release that would stand out. The perspective and angle of your approach could do just that, and when it does, reporters are more likely to notice. Make an explosive headline to get attention, and follow it up with a good story so that the attention doesn’t stray. Keeping in mind what the public would react to the most, then try to bring the story there.
  • Give a killer headline - As first impressions tend to last, make your press release’s headline as good as it could be. Of course, the story itself should be just as wonderful, but in order to get the reporters to bite, they should find your headline worthy. Again, the target is to get people’s attention, because once the headline intrigues them, they will more likely read the story next.
  • Tease a little bit - Due to the packed schedules of reporters, they don’t tend to stick around to read long texts. An ideal press release does not necessarily contain all of the details, but it’s purpose is to catch the reporter’s eye, and to make them want to know more. Make your press release good but short, and the rest of the story could follow.
  • Out with the old - As thoroughly discussed above, you should try to catch as much attention as you can. No need for the classic, traditional format. You could add photos, videos, and anything else that could make your story a highlight when seen.

Give us some pointers of your own! Drop a comment and share how you do your press releases.