Bleeding Followers? We might know why.

Despite people claiming that quality is better than quantity, there are also some that claim that there is strength in numbers. When it comes to your social media followers, quantity DOES weigh more than quantity. The number of your followers is noticed by people who see your page, as it is a threshold of legitimacy and relevance. Since that is the case, you should pay attention to the number of your followers closer than you think.

Let us just say that you had 1000 followers on Twitter today, and you post something. Next day, you notice that you just lost 20 followers. What went wrong? Why did those people unfollow you? More importantly, what can you do about it?

We might have just the answer for you. Check out the list below to keep that follower list going upward.

  • Too much advertising, too few interactions - Nobody is on Twitter to see advertisements. Sure, you have to advertise your products, but people want to see content that interest them. Try having some tweets that are more engaging and keep your advertising on a strictly necessary level.
  • Spam is not appreciated - You might have followers that are irritable, or simply in a bad mood. Seeing tons of tweets from the same person or page on their feed will not improve their mood. Give them some space by giving your tweets some space. Avoid tweeting too much so your followers don’t get tired of you.
  • Silence isn’t always yes - People forget things, especially on the fast-paced internet. To avoid getting buried in on the web, stay active. Don’t tweet too much, but keep yourself noticeable. A good balance would do.
  • A little sensitivity, please - Businesses’ successes are directly related to their reputation, and you should protect your image as much as you can. Be sensitive and avoid tweeting offensive content. Keep in mind that people who see an offensive tweet can also report the account, and its in your company’s best interest to be in people’s good graces.
  • Followed are the interesting - Keep up with your followers’ interests. At times, when a person sees that an account no longer has interesting stuff in store for them, they click on that unfollow button. Stay with the trends and keep yourself relevant. You should remember that social media is widely based on people’s interests, and that your tweets should be conform to this principle
  • Activity and engagement - Your followers don’t appreciate an automated page, but would like to be following a human account. Let them know that they are not following a bot by engaging them. Have conversations and watch out for replies and retweets to your post. A simple like or retweet is a sign of life from you, and your followers will feel important with that, too!
  • Bots and bad followers - There is an off chance that the ones that unfollowed you are just bots, or they may also be followers that are outside the target market. If this is the case, then you don’t have to worry about it much. This might happen every now and then, but a garden is healthier without the weeds.

How about you? What makes you unfollow on Twitter? Share your story on the comments below!