Are you Rewarding your Best Customers

There are levels when it comes to customers. From customers that try your services once and complain several times more, to those that pretty much have you as a basic necessity. You know it, but how about your loyal customers? It's only right to make them feel special since you make most out of these customers.

Try starting by following these tips to give your beloved customers the treatment they deserve.

  1. Special perks – Do you know the secret of big companies? They make their customers feel like VIPs with their exclusive products. Give your loyal customers the special treatment by giving them deals that are only for them. Emphasize the idea of exclusivity, and that the special treatment is only given to the select few.
  2. Social media rewards – Let your customers know they are special, even on social media. Applications these days have these rewards systems in place that "reward" customers or visitors that go to a page most often. This should help give your loyal customers the feeling of gratification.
  3. Personalized gifts – Customers respond best when they feel like they are personally taken care of. Even messages by companies online these days are automated, and your customers would appreciate talking to humans instead. Send them gifts, such as product packs or even thank you notes that you have written personally. These gestures will make your loyal customers feel like you appreciate them on a personal level.

Do you have any more tips on how to reward customers? Give us some pointers by commenting below!