5 Media Relations Mistakes to Avoid

The availability of social media makes public relations quite simpler than it was back when traditional media was the way to go. In the days when social media was not in the mainstream, the peak of PR would be a TV appearance, and once you get seen on TV, business gets easier and better.

Times have indeed changed, but public relations will never be obsolete. A good relationship with media should always be maintained, and this will decide not only how, but also how much, the public will see you.

Now that you know that a solid relationship with the media, traditional or not, is imperative, here are some things that one should avoid. Steer clear of these, and your status with the media should be in the safe.

  1. Know who is who – To avoid looking like a fool, try doing a little bit of research on the people you will be interacting with. It wouldn't hurt to have a little knowledge regarding somebody that could potentially help you.
  2. Avoid spamming – Spamming will make you look desperate and unprofessional. Make your pitches personalized to decrease the chances of it being skipped. Also, make sure that your pitch is interesting to the person you are sending it to.
  3. Keep it punctual – The media is composed of very busy people. Since they could not afford messed up schedules, make sure that you deliver on time when dealing with them. Keep in mind that your word is your bond, and they would not appreciate you breaking promises. Not even one.
  4. Stay in touch – Just like any relationship, communication is the key to success. You don't have to consistently throw pitches at them, but make sure that they remember that you exist. Short interactions will do wonders. You should be easy to contact just in case you suddenly become needed. If you don't they might get inclined to look elsewhere.
  5. Say thanks – We were all taught back when we were children to let people know you appreciate them. A little gesture of thanks will make a person feel good, and hopefully they don't forget. Nothing fancy required, but just make sure you don't forget your manners when somebody helps you out.

Is there anything we skipped? Let us know what else to avoid by dropping a comment below.