5 Big Customer Service No-nos

April 21, 2020
customer relation

Probably among the most underrated aspects of good business is excellent customer service. We could all agree that sales and marketing is very important, but a satisfied and happy customer would keep on coming back, therefore producing more business for you. A happy customer should have no reason to look elsewhere.

Would you want to know what helps with customer service? Well, you should also know what NOT to do. Steer away from these mistakes, and you are one huge step closer to keeping your customers happy.

  1. Disappearing in thin air - The phone and the internet exist to make communication easier. In this age, there is no longer any reason for you to be difficult to contact. In order to make your customers feel like you are there to listen, keep your contact lines open and in check. Give your customers the help they need, even if at times you would need to do it yourself. This way, they would feel like you are always there to provide assistance for them.
  2. Failing to deliver your promises - Making promises you can’t keep is a big no in business. The customers will put their trust in you when you give them your word, and it would be a very big mistake to break it. In times that you fail to deliver, do your best to correct the mistake. You should also apologize to them the best you could.
  3. Having badly trained employees - All of the members of the staff should know how to handle customers. Of course, you should make sure that the staff you hire will not be rude and disrespectful, but you still should train your people how to provide quality service to your customers.
  4. Insisting on being right - Most customers will agree that the customer should always be right, and they are correct. Most times, anyway. Although there are exceptions to that rule, be on the lookout for customers that have a valid basis for their concerns.
  5. Being too firm - Since the customer is (almost) always right, you should consider bending the rules a bit. First, try to find a loophole so that you could work around the rules, policies and protocol. If there is not much of space to work around in, that is when you slightly stray from protocol. If it won’t cause too much damage, customer satisfaction should be a priority.

Can you think of any more customer service mistakes? Let us know what to avoid by commenting below.