SEO IPs from the UK and from different C-Class IPs

What is C-Class SEO IP?
When it comes to C-class IPs we need to check the 3 left most octets of each IP. For instance has a C class of 195.11.23 while has a C class of 195.11.11. If the 3 left most octets of IPs are the same they are in the same C-Class otherwise they are considered to be from different C classes.
Who owns the IPs?
These IPs are owned and managed by different companies so that your domains won't be linked to a single provider.
Who should buy from these packages?
These IPs are all hosted in United Kingdom. If the majority of your clients are in United Kingdom or are in Europe, your SERP ranking will benefit from these packages.
What do I get when I order?
You will get a single WHM reseller account where you can create different domains and then assign different IPs. We will then copy your domain data to each Datacenter automatically. Each IP in your package is from a different C-Class.
Where are these IPs located?
These IPs are from different data centers all in the UK.
What if I am not happy?
We provide 2 weeks, no questions asked full refund.
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  • 🇬🇧 إنجلترا - Blackwall
  • 🇬🇧 إنجلترا - Lambeth
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